As a proud owner of a Yorkie puppy from TeenyTriflingAngels, I can attest that the decision to purchase from this reputable breeder has brought a lifetime of love and joy into my life. With their expert care and attention to detail, I knew that my new furry friend was in good hands. From the moment I brought my puppy home, I was struck by their playful and affectionate personality.
Virginia and Zorro

One of the most impressive things about Teeny Trifling Angels is their exceptional breeding standards. They take great care to ensure that each puppy is born with a healthy and strong genetic foundation, guaranteeing a long and happy life for your new companion. As a result, my Yorkie puppy has grown into a strong and healthy dog, with a shiny coat and bright eyes. 
Christina & Jason

Our “boys” want you to know that they are quite settled into the Las Vegas life. We are “all” going on a 4 to 5 week car trip into the mid west and up into the upper portion of WI. It will be a fun time. They love to ride already. We go for rides several times a week. The rest of the training is coming along. I think that they will have both Dennis and Myself just about where they want us anytime now.
Mary & Dennis

We just love our little guy. He is the most affectionate of all our three Boxer’s, and of course he is the one we were lucky to get from Willy. Willy and his wife  seem to really love the breed and they take such great care of them until the new mommies and daddies get to have them. I would recommend them to anyone, and I already have! Sincerely, 

Melisa & Family

I have thought so many times to email you and update you on our Cooper.  They will be 2 on February 15th.  We love our little guys.  Cooper is growing gradually.  He is not over weight, but rather has the stature to match.  From the moment I purchased my puppy, I was impressed by the personalized care and attention that Teeny Trifling Angels provides to each one of their dogs.

Amy Smith

Tina, is precious and is Miss Personality plus. I would have more if I could. Her hair is beautiful. Another key aspect of Teeny Trifling Angels’ breeding philosophy is socialization and handling. From the moment they are born, their puppies are socialized and handled daily to ensure they develop into confident and friendly dogs. This approach has been evident in my puppy’s behaviour, as they are quick to adapt to new situations and people.

Mary Lou Burdulis

Teenytriflingangels is the only place to go to get a best friend! They are absolutely wonderful. Willy is so fantastic. He answers all your questions and responds to emails quickly. Our precious Lucy is turning 1 on May 16, and I just can’t imagine life without her. Lucy is the best dog ever, she’s beautiful and so much fun. Thanks to TriflingAngels the best  Yorkie breeders for providing us with a beautiful, healthy and loving addition to our family…

Elsy & Lauren

They produce the tost adorable, lovable, healthy & playful Yorkie puppies. Willy @ TTA yorkie is extremely courteous and knowledgeable: best dog buying experience of my life. Choose a dog from them, and you’ll get a puppy with exceptional genes, i.e. good conformation, teeth, eyes & lush coat. Pasha, our little girl, will be two in June and has completely won our hearts. I have no doubts everyone will share my wonderful experience at TTA Yorkies !!


TTA Yorkies breeds unbelievably gorgeous, big eyed, fluffy, well-behaved Yorkie puppies. TTA yorkies  explained to me (a new dog owner) about the breed and what I needed to do to care for my new baby! So, the quality of the dog was incredible. The service was extraordinary. And the value was priceless!!! Overall, I am honoured to have my doggie and I always recommend them to everyone who asks where I got my dog from. Thank You for bringing so much joy in my life I never had before. Love, 

Virginia and Zorro

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