Meet Athen, the Mom, She is the Good girl, Long lashes, huge smile and very good manners. She loves to hug and walks in the park. My husband and kid’s little girl and my first experience with boxer breed. She used to be quite jealous of me until she got her own boyfriend. Now we are great friends and love each other to death 🙂 She’s great companion when I cook, the best assistant ever- making sure that nothing gets wasted! She loves cozy bedding and owner’s closeness.


Paco is our big boy, I got him as my birthday present 🙂 He’s incredibly active and loves to play. He’s Athena’s lovely husband, loves her like crazy- won’t stand one minute without her!  Now, he’s always been a proud daddy to all his babies, but still have no idea how to change a diaper 🙂 but being serious, he’s very happy to see the babies, They always have a lot of fun together before his babies are being sold. Oh, and I forgot to add that he’s dog’s top model, always knows what to do when I hold my camera 🙂

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